Saturday, 8 December 2007

Clot Royale M65 Jacket

The Clot Royale collection continue with its latest release, the black M65 Jacket. Inspired by one of the United States Army uniform back in 1965, the M65 jacket is very much adopted by today modern fashion line due to its vintage but yet distinct design.

As M65 jacket is gaining its popularity rapidly for the past few years, Clot decided to throw its own version of one of the 'greatest' jacket of all time. Apart from the fundamental attributes found on any other M65 jackets, Clot juice it up by adding some extra features to make it even more unique.

First, the hidden rain hood around the collar area to make it more adaptive to all weather. Another breakthrough made by Clot is by embedded the 'Clot' logo and 'Clot Apparel HK' on the zip handle which is the first time ever on its products. Unlike the traditional M65 jacket which uses cotton as the main fabric, the Royale M65 is produced using its pre-design silk material to make it even more fashionable and light-weighted. A must have piece of apparel for all Clot fans out there.

Image: Pat @ Clot Inc.

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