Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Clot Royale Print Tee

Clot has released another new set of tees from their Royale collection. The Clot Royale Print Tee basically consist of two types of unique design; front print/back blank and front blank/back print. The print utilized the similar monogram design used in their previous silk products.

Another creativity of this tee that worth noticing is the square pocket located on the lower right corner at the back of the tee. One of the most innovative way of emphasizing Clot's signature print design.
This set of tees will come in blue and black colorways and available now at Juice in Hong Kong.

Image: Pat @ Clot Inc.

Nike Air Max 1 Thunder Camo

Here is another new product from Nike, Air Max 1 Thunder Camo. Patents in red is being used as part of its upper while camo design also included at the heel part. The shoe is finished with white sole and light blue upper. It's very unlikely this kind of design would appear on AM1 and rumor said will hit all Nike dealers in several weeks time.

Image: Sneaker Freaker

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

New Tees @ Hennessy Devilclot Pop-Up Store

Here are some of the latest t-shirt design from Devilclot; black Pushead Skull Tee (designed by Pushead) and Rated 4 Tee (designed by Edison).

Also newly released from Clot is the Royale Collection blue Reversible Silk tee. A fresh design using the similar material on its previous products such as the China shirt and Scarf.

Image: Pat @ Clot Inc.

Monday, 26 November 2007

UNDFTD Fall 2007 T-Shirts

UNDFTD has released a new set of tees which is part of their 2007 Fall collections. Available on November 23rd, these tees print design are inspired by today popular American sports. Codename for these tees are Charles Barkley, Cocaine Cowboys, Babe Ruthless and Fall Brawl.

Image: Hypebeast

Billionaire Boys Club NYC Flagship Opening

Billionaire Boys Club is opening their third flagship here in NYC at 456 West Broadway. Here is the upcoming schedule for the opening event:
November 27th (Tue) - Open from Noon till 7PM.
November 28th (Wed) - Store close for press.
November 29th (Thu) - Store re-open.

Store opening time - from Noon till 7PM all week.

Also, the special edition of Flipboards (limited to 100 pairs) and BBC tee in conjunction with the opening will be available on the opening day.

Image: BBC

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Devilclot Smoke Tee

Smoke Tee from Devilclot, available now @ Hennessy Devilclot Pop-Up Store in Hong Kong.

Image: Pat @ CLOT Inc.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Devilclot 2 Skulls Tee

This is what available now at the newly opened Hennessy Devilclot Pop-Up Store in Hong Kong, the 2 Skulls tee. Also available now are the Devilclot Logo Black tee and the Devilclot Believe tee (picture not show). Get yours if you are happen to be in Hong Kong.

Image: Pat @ CLOT Inc.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Devilclot Playing Cards

In conjunction with the recent opened Hennessy Devilclot Pop-Up store in Hong Kong, all the guests who attended the party were given this set of playing cards. The card set consists of 2 pack of playing cards in black and white that comes in a special Devilclot-Hennessy package.

Image: Hypebeast

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Undefeated Socks

Here we are looking at the latest release from Undefeated. These socks come in three styles; crew cut, ankle cut and no show. The first two design comes in three colorways while the no show style only come in black and white. Available at all UNDFTD stores November 14th.

Image: Hypebeast

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

OriginaFake 'Mouth' Series Tees

New from OriginaFake, this time Kaws is releasing his 'Mouth' series tees which can be found in Hnyee Store. The tees set comes in three design (black and white colorways) where the printed artwork is designed by the man himself.

Image: Highsnobiety

Saturday, 10 November 2007

KiksTyo x SBTG / Air Jordan 1

KiksTyO of Japan recently released a new set of tees which consists of their latest collaboration with SBTG. Like many of their previous collection, Japanese model Aki Hoshino will be their main print on the shirts. Some of the highlight of this release is the KiksTyo x Aki Hoshino X SBTG tee as well as KiksTyo x Air Jordan 1.

Image: Highsnobiety

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Undefeated 'Radio' Tees + Mix CD

In conjunction with the launch of Undefeated Radio Station, UNDFTD has released the 'Radio' t-shirt plus a Mix CD. The tees printed with the infamous slogan 'Play Diry' and the Undefeated Radio icon on the sleeve comes in 4 colorways. The Mix CD consist of the work made by Byze One, DJ Chonz, Mr. Choc and Phoreyz.

Image: Highsnobiety

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Comme des Garcons x Kaws ... Part 2

The collaboration work between Comme des Garcons x Kaws continue by releasing another set of items after their wallets set last week. This time the collection comprises of a set of t-shirt, fragrances and wool bag. All the iconic hand-drawn graphic printed on these items are designed by Kaws.

T-shirts collection.

Fragrances collection.

Wool bags collection.

Image: Highsnobiety

Supreme Book Vol. 3

Here are some preview of what's inside Supreme recently released catalogue, the Supreme Book Vol. 3.

Image: Hypebeast

Friday, 2 November 2007

OriginaFake x Levi's Denim Jacket

Came across this on OriginaFake, it seems like Kaws has been working with Levi's to come up with this Denim Jacket. We'll find out soon !

Image: OriginaFake

Thursday, 1 November 2007

UNDFTD Fall/Winter '07 Collection

Here we are looking what's coming up on Undefeated Autumn/Winter '07 collection. This collection features the Skull logo graphic and baseball jackets with the Unpatriot logo. Also included in this collection is the collaboration with W)Taps designer Tet, the "Wish Me Luck" long sleeve tee. Available this Saturday November 3rd in Japan and later at all USA UNDFTD store.

Image: Highsnobiety

Comme des Garcons x Kaws Wallets

Another great collection of products produced by Comme des Garcons and Kaws, this time with a set of wallets with different initial designed by Kaws. Available at Colette on November 15 with a price tag between 70-145 Euros.

Image: Highsnobiety