Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Subdivision X Royalefam "Royale Division "Hoody

Singapore sneakers customizer SBTG with their fashion line Royalefam is teaming up with Vancouver's Subdivision to create this Royale Division hoody, part of the Black Saigon collection from Royalefam. The hoody features all the important elements from both brands such as the iconic SBDVSN skull, the classic Royalefam embroidery at the back of the hoody and hood, the "Thunder" logo on the sleeve, and also the first ever retractable Division velcro name tag.
The hoody is now available at Royalefam Shop, Subdivision in Vancouver and other selected retailers.

Images: Freshnessmag

Bape X W)Taps Tees

Here we have the latest collaboration work by two of the most influential brands in Japan, Bape and W)Taps. The joint venture of these two brands always yield some of the best tee designs we ever see from the label. These tees are now available at Nigo's Favorite Shop as well as Cliffedge in Japan.

Images: Highsnobiety

CLOT Royale X Headporter iPod Case

After their previous released of CLOT Royale X Headporter iPod case which came in black and yellow colorways, CLOT is releasing another batch of these cases in red and black colorways. Featuring the CLOT signature Royale silk design and CLOT logo tag next to the Headporter label, the case will be put on shelves on May 1st at Juice in Hong Kong.

Images: Pat @ CLOT Inc.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

New OriginaFake Tee

Kaws is giving us another preview of his latest t-shirt design over in OriginaFake. Expect to see this hitting the stores soon.

Images: Highsnobeity

Monday, 28 April 2008

OriginaFake 2nd Anniversary Collection

Here we have a little preview of what's coming up on OriginaFake 2nd anniversary commemoration items. As seen from the picture, the collection includes its latest collaboration with its long term partners such as Stussy, Levi's as well as Supreme . Some of the highlighted items are OriginaFake X Supreme X Kate Moss tee, OriginaFake X Stussy sunglasses, OriginaFake X Levi's denim jeans and last but not least the 120cm version of Companion. Something to look forward to from OriginaFake.

Image: Hypebeast

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Levi's Fenom 505/207 Combination Disco Decoration Crush Customize

Yes, you read it right. Japanese Levi's fashion line Fenom by Fragment Design is once again amazed us with their latest item, the 505/207 Combination Disco Decoration Crush Customize. Very much explain from the description, this pair of jeans combine the 505/207 cutting and features the popular element you can find from their previous Disco Decoration and Crush version. And the outcome, a treated wear out look denim with Swarovski stone embedded along the rear lower waist and back pocket. Available now at Tab Device in Japan.

Image: Highsnobiety

Friday, 25 April 2008

Bape Store @ LA Opening Ceremony

Bape latest store in LA is finally opened and Nigo managed to throw a celebration event to commemorate this special occasion. Various celebrities such as N.E.R.D., Mike Tyson, Takashi Murakami, Kaws and many more were invited to the party.
Like the rest of Nigo's stores around the world, the store features very much its unique fundamental design such as the usage of neon light, conveyor belt and of course tones of its camo pattern decor around the store. In this store they also released an exclusive Roadsta which comes in orange/purple colorway. Do check it out if you happen to be in town.

Images: Highsnobiety

CLOT X Nomadic Military Hat

After their previous successful collaboration work on trucker cap not too long ago, CLOT and Nomadic is teaming up again to produce this on of a kind military hat. Similar to the trucker cap they created, the military hat features the essential brand name and logo by both labels. Another irresistible product for all CLOT and Nomadic fans out there.

Images: Hypebeast

Subcrew Spring 2008

Hong Kong celebrity/DJ and CEO of Subcrewreact Sam Lee has give us another sneek preview of what's coming on their latest Spring 2008 collection. No words on the exact launching date yet but hopefully it won't take them too long.

Images: Subcrewreact

Monday, 21 April 2008

Supreme X Bad Brains

Supreme recently has teamed up with the legendary Bad Brains, founder of hardcore punk movement, to produce a collection of clothes and sneakers which inspired by the group. The collection consist of 3 Vans Half-Cabs, 2 t-shirts and a Harrington jacket comes in variety colourways. This collection will be put on shelves on April 24th at all American stores and April 26th-27th for Supreme flagships in Japan.

Images: Hypbeast

Saturday, 19 April 2008

CLOT "Business As Usual" - Interview with Edison Chen and Kevin Poon

In conjunction with the re-opening ceremony of CLOT's store Juice in Hong Kong, Hypebeast crew get the chance to interview the brain behind CLOT, Edison Chen, as well as the co-owner Kevin Poon to talk about Edison's recent life and the upcoming project which they intend to work on in near future. Check out the the interview here.

Image: Hypbeast

OriginaFake Falls/Winter 2008 Exhibition Invitation

OriginaFake is holding a Falls/Winter 2008 Exhibition (no exact date yet) and KAWS has already start sending out his invitation cards to the clients. The invitation card resemble the United States of America's 1 dollar bills with Companion taking over the portrait position. Stay tune for more update from this exhibition event.

Images: Highsnobiety

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

CLOT "Bu$ine$$ A$ U$ual" Tee

It's been a while since we last heard any releases from CLOT due to the refurbishment of their shop floor Juice in Hong Kong. In conjunction with the re-open of Juice, CLOT is releasing its latest "Bu$ine$$ A$ U$ual" tee to inform the public that they are back in business again.
The tee features large words print on the front with "24/7/365 Can't Stop Won't Stop" printed on the back of the t-shirt. Also worth noticing is that CLOT is once again changing its label tag design to overcome counterfeit products. Available at Juice in Hong Kong on April 19th.

Images: Pat @ CLOT Inc.

Subcrew Spring/Summer 2008 Collection

Hong Kong based streetwear brand Subcrew is launching their latest 2008 Spring/Summer Collection. The very first fresh items that we are going to see are some newly designed t-shirts. All these are available at Subcrew retailers.

Images: Hypebeast

Supreme SS 2008 Drop 2.0

Supreme has released another whole new batch of fresh tee seen from the Japanese reseller Stay246 which mainly adopting comic graphics as their main motif. Expect to see this at all Supreme stores soon.

Images: Hypebeast

Monday, 14 April 2008

OriginaFake Target & Two Fingers Tees

Here we have a couple of latest tee designs from OriginaFake, the Target and Two Fingers tee. Both tees feature Kaws's design trademarks and now available at Sold Out and all official OriginaFake merchandise dealers.

Images: Hypebeast