Saturday, 30 June 2007

Futura Laboratories Bike Chains / Mesh Caps

Futura Laboratories has released some exciting items, first up are the heavy duty bike chain locks for those who want to secure their precious two-wheels. Also new are fresh new variety of mesh caps.

Image: Hypebeast

Friday, 29 June 2007

Supreme Tees Dropped

As we anticipated earlier, the latest tees from the New York skate brand Supreme is finally here. These tees featuring Miles we seen earlier, the Rat Target, Puppet, Showbiz, Deny Everything and Skull Skates tee. Available now at all Supreme stores worldwide.

Image: Honeyee

Thursday, 28 June 2007

New Original Fake Items

New Original Fake items have been dropped all over the world, including the Companion Skull Drawing tee, the Striped Border tee and the Chompers Tee Border tee. Head off to Sold Out for more information.

Image: Hypebeast

Monday, 25 June 2007

Fake Clot Items

Edison @ Clot uploaded a couple of pictures on some Clot counterfeit items. Just as he claimed, the fake items are quite lame in terms of printing details. Check out the Clot logo! Also, some tees only available in white. If you have purchased any tees in other than white, you probably just got yourself a good fake Clot item.

Image: Edison

Sunday, 24 June 2007

New Tees from OriginaFake

Kaws has designed this tee for Medicom Toy in conjunction with their exhibition in Parco Museum. Some upcoming Autumn/Winter products from OriginaFake also being showcased during the exhibition, featuring the 'Fake' version of tees plus skateboard as well as the skull tee.

Image: Kaws

Saturday, 23 June 2007

New from Fenom

Hiroshi has shows us a sneak preview on one of his latest product from Fragment, a Fenom jeans sample tuned up with some jewelleries/studs.

Image: Hiroshi Fujiwara

Nike Air Max 1 Marble

The picture of the Nike Air Max 1 Marble has been circulated all over the internet lately which feature in black leather upper and patent marble-like pattern around the edge of the sneakers. No word on the actual release date yet but i think this is highly anticipated by most of us.

Image: Hypebeast

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Futura Laboratories Summer 2007 Collections

Futura Laboratories has give us a preview on what's coming up on its 2007 Summer collections featuring Futura's iconic Pointman on most of the item. Available soon at all FL retailers.

Image: Hypebeast

Union x UNDFTD Big Brother Little Brother Tee

Union has collaborated with UNDFTD to produce this 'Big Brother, Little Brother' tee featuring basketball legends Manute Bole (in Union jersey) and Spud Webb (in UNDFTD jersey). Expect to be released along with other new items on the 23rd of June at all Undefeated stores worldwide.

Image: Hypebeast

Levi's Mobile Phone

Yes, you see it right. Apparently Levi's has put their hands in technology too. Developed by the Paris-based company ModeLabs, the phone has pretty much what most mobile phones have. 1.8 inch display with 2 Megapixel camera, MicroSD slot, bluetooth, MP3 player and covering a quadband system. The phone which come in metallic silver, black and brown copper will be available throughout Europe in September. Check this out for more press release.

Image: Ministry of Tech

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Levi's Fenom Sapphire Disco IX Silver Stitch

Levi's Fenom has release their latest products at Tab Device code name Sapphire Disco IX Silver Stitch. Available in 505 and 201 cutting, these jeans are stitches in metallic silver threads with rhinestone along the seams and the zip pocket.

Image: Hypebeast

Bape x DC Comics

Comics fan Nigo have collaborate with DC Comics to produce these three comic-inspired products featuring The Flash, Superman and Batman. These products will be available in fall at you local Bape store.

Image: Hypebeast

Monday, 18 June 2007

Royalefam Friends & Family Dunk SB Premium Edition

About a year ago, SBTG who is famous for its sneaker pimping talent joint venture with Nike and come up with this Nike Dunk Lo which sold out instantly when it was released all over Asia plus Australia and New Zealand. Remember, this shoes only available exclusively in Asia.

A year later, they decide to re-release this hot selling sneakers in a Friends and Family edition. This edition of Dunk Lo feature some extra touch up compare to its predecessor. The sneaker which include a hot red lace and metal gold lace buckle, comes in an exclusive makeup drawer box.

The sneaker is due to be dropped on the 29th June at Gallery in Singapore follow up by some allocated shops at the rest of the world. Stay tune for the date this baby to be dropped at the city near you.

Image: Royalefam

Clot x Levi's x Medicom ??

Edison over Honeyee has gave us a preview of what seems to be a collaboration between Clot, Levi's and Medicom. Not sure what it is yet but definitely going to be dope!

Image: Honeyee

Supreme Summer Tees

A preview of the latest tee from Supreme Summer 2007 collections. Expecting 6 new tees from Supreme any moment now.

Image: Hypebeast

Saturday, 16 June 2007

New from Futura Laboratories

New from Futura Laboratories with Lenny spraying the atomic icon. Expect more new items from FL soon.

Image: Hypebeast

New Honeyee Tees

New T-shirts from Honeyee, the classic box tee and the 'Support The Independants' tee. Available in several colourways and for women.

Image: Hypebeast

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

OriginaFake Prints

This is the latest print from OriginaFake featuring a sketched dissected Companion head printed in purple.

Image: OriginaFake

Nike AF1 Full Length Air, Nike x Kaos Air Max 1, Stash Hi Retro

Nike has released quite a number of new products recently. Starting with the latest collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara Air Force 1 full-length air with genuine black croc leather. If memory serves me right, this is the first ever pair of AF1 featured in full-length air cushion. Also new is the Stash AF1 Hi with '1 Night Only' printed at the back heel.

DJ Kaos from Germany also made a collaboration with Nike iD to produce this pair of Air Max 1 in a special package which include a pair of Nike Air Max 1 Studio's iD, a messenger bag, a mix CD and a collectible poster. This collection is so limited that only 20 packs were produce and only available for his friends and media.

Image: Hypebeast

Cools Trans Magazine with Supreme Socks

Cool Trans Magazine of Japan has included a pair of red Supreme socks in their July issue. Although the socks is are not made from the best material but one can't complaint about their generosity.

Image: Hypebeast

Monday, 11 June 2007

Subcrew x Aids Concern

Subcrew of Hong Kong has released this boxer short in conjunction with the Aids Concern campaign. The boxer short featuring Subcrew monogram logo print on the left side and a red ribbon on the right end corner of the boxer. A 3 condom case also available at the back of the boxer.

Image: Subcrew

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Fragment x iPod ??

Wait a minute, could this be ... ? Seems like Hiroshi tuning almost everything under the sun.

Image: Honeyee

Friday, 8 June 2007

Clot Alienegra Short

The Alienegra short is released by Clot as part of their summer collection. Available in blue and light brown. Featuring Madsaki design at the back of the short in glitter effect and a spot UV printed Clot logo at the left shoulder which only visible at a certain viewing angle.

Image: Mashkulture

Thursday, 7 June 2007

UNDFTD Star Strike Tee

UNDFTD has release another series of their infamous 5 strikes log tee, made up from star repetition pattern. Available in black/red, light green/green and black/white.

Image: Hypebeast

4 Foot Tall Original Fake Iconic Toy

A limited to 20 pieces 4 foot tall and weighted at 35 kg Original Fake 'Companion' figure will be available in its Tokyo store on 8th of June. Price tag for this special release iconic toy is at 3000 euro.

Image: Bare Blog

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Alpinestar x UNDFTD x Stussy x Supreme

Another major collaboration between the most influential labels in street fashion. Alpinestar, a motorcycle protective apparel brand joint venture with Supreme, UNDFDT and Stussy and come up with some exclusive biker jackets which display the name all over it. Not a big fan of it but pretty cool jacket i have to say.

Image: Point Blank