Friday, 10 August 2007

CLOT Royale Series " The Whole Magic Kingdom"

CLOT is working with Fragment Design head designer Kazuki to create the CLOT Royale series print tees; 'Sun', 'Rabbit' and 'C' which incorporates Walt's Disney theme park's theme "The Whole Magic Kingdom". Available @ Juice Hong Kong on August 14th.

"Edison and Kazuki created & designed CLOT Royale series three print tee, "C", "Sun", and "Rabbit", along with "The Whole Magic Kingdom" theme, it played along with the Disney theme. In addition, it indirectly reflected Kazuki's recognition of CLOT. After several years of working with CLOT, Kazuki has already look at Clot as a "Magic Kingdom", it's a powerful force of new era and dynasty.

The "Rabbit" tee, you will be able to see a soldier holding a rifle. It's a common theme with CLOT's often mentioned, CLOT soldier."

Quoted by PAT @ CLOT

Image: Freshnessmag

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